Customized Private Class

In this class, you can request your teacher anything you like and s/he design lessons only for you. As a result, you are able to achieve your goal effectively and efficiently. Please book a consultation first.

Price: JPY55,000 for 10 lessons (valid for 5 months, 1 lesson is 50 minutes) , JPY2,750 for Consultation (25 minutes)

Regular Private Class with Textbook “Marugoto or “Irodori

If you are interested in studying Japanese but do not have a goal yet, we recommend textbooks “Marugoto” or “Irodori”, for the practical conversation. They are famous for the structure that focuses on what you can be able to do in real situations.

You can choose any teacher and any part when you book your lesson. Please tell your teacher in advance which book and part you would like to study.

Price: JPY38,500 for 10 lessons (valid for 5 months) , JPY4,850 for 1 lesson (1 lesson is 50 minutes)

Conversation Class

This class is for 4 students. You can choose any class you like. Your teacher announces a topic on Twitter. Students are recommended to study Irodori by themselves to make the most of their opportunities. It is not only good for practice but also to meet new teachers and feel how Ahiru Nihongo Online is.

Price: JPY9,900 for 10 lessons (valid for 3 months), JPY1,250 for 1 lesson (1 lesson is 60 minutes. However, if the number of participants is fewer than 4, the class time is shortened)

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