What do you think is the role of teachers? Transferring information? Teaching common skills to all learners? 

No, a teacher should be a learner’s partner to set and achieve their goal together. All teachers at Ahiru Nihongo Online are alumni of the special programme “Instructional Design for Japanese Teachers” conducted by Ahiru sensei, the Principal of Ahiru Nihongo Online. They are real professionals who have authentic knowledge and skills based on academic theories.

What is “Instructional Design for Japanese Teachers”? This programme provides Japanese teachers the opportunity to improve (or sometimes reinstall) their teaching skills through designing a course, lesson demonstrations, and mutual evaluation. It is popular among highly motivated Japanese teachers all over the world. More than 100 teachers took this course in one year.

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We recommend you to keep studying with the same teacher, not switching so often. Your teacher is not just one of the resources but your partner to achieve your goal. The more your teacher knows you, the more suitable lessons they can provide for you. In addition, even If you want to give up studying Japanese because of some reason, you can share your worries with your teacher to ease it. They are always along with you. We know it is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. We are planning to create your private channel on Slack to keep track of your learning and communicate with your teacher.


  • Consultation : 2,750 JPY 25 min (10% tax included)
  • Book of tickets(50min 10 lessons): 54,999 JPY (10% tax included) Valid for 5 months
  • Book of tickets(30min 10 lessons): 33,000 JPY (10% tax included) Valid for 3 months
  • Book of tickets( 50min 5 lessons): 30,938 JPY (10% tax included) Valid for 2 months
  • Book of tickets( 50min 3 lessons): 19,594 JPY (10% tax included) Valid for 1 month
  • Teachers may change their lesson fees by themselves. In that case, teachers’ change is adopted.

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