Sachiko Ishino (Ahiru Sensei)

COVID-19 has completely changed our world in a short time. People are not able to travel like in the past. Students who planned to study abroad are disappointed to have lost their opportunities.

Moreover, Japanese language teachers are suffering from fewer or no classes. Many of them lost their job and had to stay home. So I decided to open Ahiru Nihongo Online, our own online Japanese school, to change this situation as soon as possible.

Teachers at Ahiru Nihongo Online are excellent because they are alumni of the programme “Instructional Design for Japanese Teachers”, which I facilitate. They learned how to apply academic theories and methods for their real lessons.

These are why and how  Ahiru Nihongo Online was born this year, 2020.

I also aim for a fair relationship with and treatment of all who are involved. It means we respect each other. Students can take lessons at a reasonable cost, teachers can receive enough lesson fees, and staff members can receive a decent salary. To realize all of them, I manage productivity making the most of  ICT, and comply with laws.

Thank you for reading. I hope you choose Ahiru Nihongo Online, the fair and sustainable system, to study Japanese.

Sachiko Ishino (Ahiru Sensei)

Director of Ahiru Nihongo Online / Founder of Redefinition LLC (再定義合同会社)