Cooking lessons in Japanese for beginners!

InstructorMimi sensei
Lesson typeOnline, 1 on 1
LevelsUpper-beginner to advanced levels (N4 or upper)
The number of lessons50 minutes 3 lessons: you can practice reading recipes in Japanese. (19,594 JPY)
50 minutes 5 lessons: you can practice giving a presentation for your favorite dish in Japanese, on top of the reading practice. (30,938 JPY)
Goals of this lessonCan read recipes written in Japanese and choose the correct steps for the recipes.
Can give a presentation for your favorite dish from your country in Japanese.
Contents① Can use the vocabulary frequently used in recipes.
You can choose one of the recipes the instructor suggests for this reading practice.
② Can use the expressions frequently used in recipes.
③ Can read a recipe and choose the correct steps for cooking the dish. (Quiz)
[Preparation for ⑤]
Can talk briefly about your favorite dish from your country.
Can use the vocabulary and expressions to explain the steps and to recommend the dish to others.

⑤ Can talk in length in a presentation format about your favorite dish in Japanese.
Course materialsHiragana Recipe by Hiragana Net and original materials by the instructor
AssignmentsAfter ① and ②: worksheets to practice the vocabulary and expressions.
After ③:
Reading worksheet: You will be assigned with another recipe
Learners are also encouraged to send photos of the dish you actually made by reading the recipe to the instructor.
After ④:
Preparation for the presentation (⑤).
You will be able to receive feedback on your presentation material once from your instructor before your presentation.
After ⑤:
Learners are encouraged to share their own recipe on public recipe platforms such as Cookpad (a Japanese online recipe platform), their personal blog or any social media as a post.

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