ISHINO Sachiko(にほんご/Japanese)

ISHINO Sachiko(にほんご/Japanese)
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Ahiru Sensei Ahiru Sensei
I worked for a telecommunication enterprise for 13 years and coordinated cross-country interconnection projects. In addition, I solved a lot of complaints from customers. However, I also saw some multicultural staff who were fluent in Japanese but made customers feel uncomfortable. This experience helps me to become a Japanese teacher.
Knowing the true intention through their words is essential to building a good relationship.

I am a founder of this school. I created this school with to aim of "Everyone becomes happy with languages."
Why don't you set off on the grand adventure with me?



May 2024


  • May 04, 2023

    Support Chizuru-sensei's crowdfunding campaign!

    Chizuru Asato Salvador, a lecturer at Ahiru Online, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support foreign individuals who are aiming to pass Japan's national nursing exam. Please check out the li...

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  • February 08, 2022

    Consultation Fee

    To provide quality lessons, we receive 1,000 yen for a consultation. We apply this change for bookings from today. We appreciate your patience. 

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