KATSUYAMA Yoko(英語/English)

KATSUYAMA Yoko(英語/English)
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Ahiru Sensei Ahiru Sensei
I lived in the United States for 9 years and started teaching English after I came back to Japan. I love teaching English because I enjoy talking to my students about what they are interested in. I'm looking forward to seeing you in my class!



March 2023


  • February 08, 2022

    Consultation Fee

    To provide quality lessons, we receive 1,000 yen for a consultation. We apply this change for bookings from today. We appreciate your patience. 

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  • December 21, 2021

    Ask us questions!

    Are there any questions you cannot solve alone? Ask us questions on this form. We will pick up some of them and make a lesson that answers your question at free live streaming classes on twitch. Ev...

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