SHIMADA Yuko(にほんご/Japanese)

SHIMADA Yuko(にほんご/Japanese)
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こんにちは。SHIMADA Yukoです。日本の埼玉県に住んでいます。好きなことは、音楽、時々ギターを弾きます。そして映画・マンガ・ドラマ です。

Hello, my name is Yuko. I live in Saitama, Japan. I like music, sometimes play guitar. And movies, manga, and dramas.
I have more than 20 years of experience as a Japanese language teacher. I have been teaching at a Japanese language school for 17 years, Japanese lessons in companies for more than 7 years, and online lessons for more than 4 years.
What I particularly enjoy about teaching Japanese is that I get to talk to my students about what they like, their opinions and thoughts, their country's culture, and news. Being able to speak in Japanese, using correct language and grammar, opens up the world to you!



March 2023


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